June 24, 2008

Early impressions of Burn After Reading


I'm a big fan of the Coen Brothers' movies. You could put The Big Lebowski (1998) on a continuous loop, and I'd be pretty happy. I spent the better part of the second half of last year healthily obsessing (reading the Cormac McCarthy novel twice, seeing the movie in a theater four times in two different cities) over No Country for Old Men. For Burn After Reading to come out less than a year after No Country for Old Men is a real treat. Here's a trailer:

Have you ever noticed how anytime Brad Pitt is in an exceptionally quirky or "different" movie, he tends to comb his hair a particular way?

Johnny Suede

Cool World

Burn After Reading

I'm reminded primarily of Johnny Suede (1991) or Cool World (1992). He's also doing those spastic arm and hand gestures he did in Twelve Monkeys (1995), so look out. It might be safe to assume this newest Coens' film will be a return to something more offbeat, like say Raising Arizona (1987) or Barton Fink (1991). With John Malkovich being in it, and George Clooney employing his facial expressions from O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), it should have some bizarre moments (intentional or not). But I've been wrong before.

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