January 31, 2008

Uvalde, Texas

uvalde's grand opera house
detail of the grand opera house
Grand Opera House, c. 1891

kincaid hotel
kincaid hotel rooftop
The Kincaid Hotel, c. 1927

uvalde county courthouse
Uvalde County Courthouse, Texas Renaissance style, c. 1927

rexall in uvalde
uvalde drugs sign
uvalde drugs

god's house
Without little churches such as this one, or struggling antique dealers, so many old, single screen theaters would be in worse shape, if not demolished. This one was once called the El Lasso Theater.
coming soon to god's house god's house "movie poster"
j.c. penney entrance tile
horner's neon sign
casal's neon sign


Anonymous said...

Have you gotten to Del Rio yet?

When you do go, make sure you go see Dr. Brinkley's old house (google charlatan and goat for info) and drive into Acuna and see if you can find XERF.

Chris said...

Thanks for the tips, anonymous. I've gone as far west (of Nacogdoches) as Eagle Pass, but I didn't go further north to Del Rio. I'm sure I will eventually.

Dorothy said...

Camp Wood is where we are going to buy our ranch one of these days, when we're done with Tahoe. It's been snowing endlessly up here, so the ranch might come sooner than we thought.

Chris said...

The whole "snow thing" (notice I have the luxury of being flip about it) has to get old, especially if you aren't from there. I don't think I would deal with it very well.

That part of Texas is nice! It would be sweet to own a small part of it in the form of a ranch!

Bill Lawson said...

A couple of these have landmark status, designated by Texas state historical markers, such as the Uvalde Grand Opera House and the Kincaid Hotel.