January 19, 2008

Star Trek XI teaser trailer

pic from Ain't It Cool News

The more I read about Star Trek (Star Trek XI), coming out next Christmas, the more I feel like it's going to disappoint (suck). Especially for original original Trek fans, as I most certainly am, I think it's going to be a cringe-inducing travesty, just as the Star Wars prequels were for Star Wars fans. I think the biggest problem with this "new" Star Trek is that, as with the Star Wars prequels, the original cast isn't in it. Leonard Nimoy will appear for an indeterminate amount of time as Spock, so that should dull some of the pain. Yet I can't help but feel a tinge of excitement seeing this excellent, true HD quality teaser trailer in which the construction of the Enterprise is shown (the transporter/alien planet surface sound at the end is a nice touch and made me choke up a little bit):

pic from this site, it shows the men of the Production Model Shop in Burbank, California, with the original model in 1964

at the Smithsonian

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