January 25, 2008

Coca-Cola ghost in Knippa, Texas

I knew it was somewhere in Knippa. I saw it in my rearview mirror, pulled off the highway, and walked back to it. The light couldn't have been more perfect:
found it!
William Christenberry perspective:
william christenberry perspective
knippa coca-cola ghost sign
coca-cola ghost in knippa


Frank Jump said...

Chris- Can't begin to put into words how beautiful this series is. Will be blogging it tonite at Fading Ad Blog.


Chris said...

Thanks, Frank! I appreciate that.

Frank Jump said...

My pleasure. Here's the link:

Are you in touch with or familiar with Wes Carr's site? Perhaps the two of you can do an exhibition?


Chris said...

I'm not familiar with Wes Carr. I'll check it out. It's nice of you to consider any of my stuff is exhibition-worthy.