October 30, 2007

So I went down to Galveston for the weekend...

A car wash was demolished recently in Galveston (my hometown), and this old Triple X Ginger Ale sign was revealed:

Triple X Ginger Ale was apparently "The Aristocrat of Them All." I guess drinking it made people feel like they were rich or something. According to this site, the Triple X brand was brewed on the Island. The sign is probably from the 1920s, and it has been hidden for decades.

Also in Galveston, down on and near The Strand:

A different view of that ghost sign.

The Hutchings Sealy Building, c. 1895

It's one of the buildings that survived The 1900 Storm.

Entrance to The Grand 1894 Opera House

Inside the Star Drug Store:


Anonymous said...

Wow, these pics brought back some memories. My parents would take me from our home in Alexandria to vacation in Galveston back in the mid sixties. I'll never forget jumping off the seawall and busting my butt as an 9 yr. old in 1968. Is the hotel still there that is built on the pier? I'd love to revisit the island one day but it's a pain to get there from NC. Great site. Ed

Chris said...

Alexandria, Louisiana? I think many of us learned the hard way that the Seawall is not a slide! You must be referring to the Flagship Hotel, and yes, it is still there, and open for business. North Carolina (and South) is nice; very much like Galveston in places.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Alexandria LA. A place we expatriates refer to as a good place to be from! The Flagship. Yes, now I remember. It must be a pretty tired property these days. I can't imagine environmental regulations would allow such a structure these days. Still, I thought it was the absolute coolest place. Have a great weekend. ed