October 16, 2007

Kirk is cast

Ain't It Cool News is reporting that Chris Pine (The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, Smokin' Aces) has been cast in the role of James Tiberius Kirk in what is now simply titled Star Trek. I guess he must be able to emote while using exaggerated hand gestures, accompanied by awkward pauses in dialogue. In other words, he can imitate Kevin Pollak.


Lisa said...

I am so excited about this version of Star Trek my head is about to explode. It was the Simon Pegg casting that put me over the top.

Chris said...

It could be good. I just hope they actually "go out on a mission," but it sounds like the story covers the Enterprise crew during their time in Starfleet Academy.

Lisa said...

I would pay money to watch Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Sylar sit at a table and take the written Starfleet Academy exam for two hours. But I see your point.