September 14, 2007

September in Paris

Paris, Texas (population: 25,898) is the Lamar County Seat and is 103 miles NE of Dallas, 50 miles NE of Greenville, and 30 miles west of Clarksville. "The Second Biggest Paris in the World" is its slogan. Paris also holds third place in a category no town wants to be in. After The Chicago Fire and The San Francisco Earthquake Fire, comes The Paris Fire of 1916. This devastating fire resulted in the entire downtown having to be rebuilt. The Culbertson Fountain in the Plaza was given to commemorate the rebirth of Paris.

Watch a slideshow.

Paris, Texas

The Grand Theater

The abandoned Gibraltar Hotel (c. 1915) on the left

United States Post Office and Court House

Paris Public Library (c. 1931)

First Methodist Church

World War I memorial

The R.F. Scott Building

Confederate memorial - the bust on the front is of Jefferson Davis

Lamar County Courthouse (c. 1917, Classical Revival style with Romanesque detail)

Paris Community Theatre

The Culbertson Fountain in the Plaza - given to commemorate the rebirth of Paris after the Great Fire of 1916 that destroyed the entire downtown.

The opening credits sequence from the film of the same name, featuring the music of Ry Cooder (incidentally, no part of the movie was shot in Paris):

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