September 7, 2007


Clarksville, Texas is the Red River County Seat and 31 miles E of Paris (an upcoming post), 39 miles N of Mount Vernon, and 59 miles W of Texarkana. Clarksville is one of the oldest cities in Texas. It came into being in 1837, but was already an established settlement in the 1820s. Clarksville also has the distinction of being one of the only towns in Texas that never suffered through a fire. Consequently, the courthouse contains records from the beginning of the Republic until today.

When I got home from this roadtrip, I felt as if I'd missed seeing a ghost sign, but I couldn't remember which one, or what city it was in (I went through several). The picture at the bottom of this page solved the mystery.

Red River County Courthouse (c. 1884, Renaissance Revival & Second Empire style)

And I don't know if I'm ever coming home...

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