September 7, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut in Back to School

It really does seem like only yesterday I was sitting in the theater watching this movie, but I had since forgotten that Kurt Vonnegut had a cameo in it. I remember he stuck out like a sore thumb in it back then, even. He was the real deal. I can't think of many "contemporary" writers who come even close to being as cool as Kurt Vonnegut was. Maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald. Or George Orwell........nahhhh, too dark. Very little joy there. Jack London? Tim Robbins? Heller? I'd say Hunter S. Thompson, but Thompson's creepiness takes away from some of his cool for me. And he didn't really write fiction.

Damn that's funny

Unrelated to Vonnegut, I'd also forgotten Oingo Boingo appeared, playing "Dead Man's Party":


Matthew K. Tabor said...

I assume you posted this because it was just on Comedy Central this afternoon? If not, remarkable coincidence!

It's one of those movies that I really don't mind seeing often. I can tune out and work on things and pick my head up for a few seconds and laugh. CC plays it a lot.

The bizarre thing about this post is that I spent about 10 minutes reading about Oingo Boingo today after I remembered they were in the movie.

Chris said...

cue Twilight Zone theme