April 22, 2007

Prison Mike!

Steve Carell and the writers of The Office (Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant) are geniuses. Take for example this scene from the current season's episode, "The Convict." "Prison Mike" speaks with something vaguely like a clichéd Bowery Boys/Bronx accent, uses 1930s gangster slang such as "clink" mixed in with current hip-hopisms ("beyotch"), could possibly have brain damage and something wrong with his right eye, and he wears a blue doo-rag (ooooh, is he a Crip??). This is a brilliant "character," and I hope they find an excuse to bring him back in another episode for any reason whatsoever:

Prison Mike scaring them straight

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The Pine Blogger said...

This is set up by the man who was in prison telling them that prison wasn't to bad and the employees saying things similar to "I wish I were in prison." Michael got jealous and had to prepare "Prison Mike." Classic comedy.