April 19, 2007


These pictures of Center are from three separate visits, spread out over the last 6 months, or so.

Center, Texas (population: 5,678), is Shelby County Seat. It is 32 miles NE of Naconowhere.

Downtown Center

The Rio Theater, built in 1926, was originally called the Shelby Theater. The name was shortened to RIO in part due to the high cost of neon during the Depression. It still shows first run movies, as you can see. It is one of the oldest, single screen theaters in Texas still in operation.

Although I'd been in Center on two previous occasions for the express purpose of taking pictures, last weekend was the first time I'd noticed this Coca-Cola ghost sign.

Rear entrance to a store no longer there

The Shelby County Courthouse (c. 1885), Romanesque Revival style. The architect was inspired by the castles of his native Ireland.

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