May 3, 2011

Another Mad Men moment

I just finished up disc 4 of the 4-disc set of the fourth (and latest) season of Mad Men. Season 4 takes place between late November 1964 and October 12, 1965. Main character Don Draper has a young daughter and lives in New York City. So it only goes to follow that a scene such as this would occur:

Awww.....that's so sweet! I hope Paul McCartney (and Ritchie) have seen that.

Don and Sally Draper would have attended the Beatles' Shea Stadium show on August 15, 1965. A slightly trivial tidbit is that the Beatles played Shea a second time, almost to the day, a year later (not even some of The Beatles knew they'd played there twice, LOL). But that show in '65 was historic - one of the first (if not the first) stadium type show, which is the norm today. My favorite part of the '65 concert was "Baby's in Black." Great harmonies on this 'un:

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