December 29, 2010

Two hours in Sherman

car in shermanold sign in sherman
I found all but a couple of sixteen structures I'd mapped, as well as several additional other things I had not planned on. In chronological order (as I found them), a Herculean labor of love:

Sherman, Texas

The Lyon House, ca. 1895-97, Queen Anne (Victorian)the lyon house
the lyon house

710 North Crockett Street, ca. 1900, Vernacular710 north crockett

Clyde Marr Texaco, c. 1931-35, Art Decoclyde marr texaco

Sanford & Taylor ghostsanford & taylor ghost sign in sherman

Grayson County Courthouse, c. 1936, Modernegrayson county courthouse

Hall Furniture Building, c. 1936, Art Decothe hall furniture building

cool neon sign on the Hall Furniture Buildingneon sign on the hall furniture building

roto-rooter in shermanroto-rooter in sherman

Sherman Steam Laundry, c. 1901sherman steam laundry

Mandel Weingarten House, c. 1910mandel weingarten house

Metz House, c. 1883, Victorian
the metz housethe metz house

Frank Kote House, ca. 1914, Spanish Colonial Revivalfrank kote house

Omuhundro House, ca. 1892, Queen Anne (Victorian)omuhundro house

Jones-Markham House, c. 1878, Sullivanesquejones-markham house

E.J. Neathery House
, c. 1880, Victoriane.j. neathery house

Fleming-Richardson House
, ca. 1920, Spanish Bungalow
fleming-richardson housefleming-richardson house

C.N. Roberts House, c. 1896, 1897, Stick/Eastlake (Victorian)c.n. roberts house
c.n. roberts house

Neville Harrington House
, c. 1894, Queen Anne (Victorian)neville harrington house

Rice Maxey House, c. 1905-10, Vernacular Victorianrice maxey house

George A. Benny House, c. 1900-1909, Vernacular Victorian george a. benny house

B.F. Gafford House, c. 1894, Victorianb.f. gafford house

Taylor-Totten House, c. 1885, Victoriantaylor-totten house

J.J. Holliday House, c. 1903, Queen Anne (Victorian)
j.j. holliday housej.j. holliday house

Captain J.M. Thompson House, c. 1895, Queen Anne/Eastlake (Victorian)captain j.m. thompson house

601 North Grand Avenue601 north grand avenue
601 north grand avenue


Retro Hound said...

I don't chime in real often, but I always enjoy your posts. Esp the ones like this.

Chris said...

Thanks, dude!