December 16, 2010

The "Mil cut"

saturday morning haircut
Well, I feel like a real local now. I finally managed to make it over to Milford's Barber Shop to get what, once upon a time, the college kids supposedly called a "Mil cut."

Mine was done by James (Milford), who along with brother Gene, daughter, Melissa and son-in-law, Kelly, have continued a tradition begun by James and Gene's dad back in the 1940s. James told me the shop was once called the Palace Barber Shop, until a military guy home on leave had a bit too much to drink and ran his car into a front window back in the 1960s. Since one of their regular customers used to write "Milford's" on her checks, they decided to rechristen the place when it came time to put in the replacement glass. They've been in their current location on Church Street since 1995, but I wish I could have seen the old place, once located right on Main Street, which was an all-wood shop equipped with double mirrors and white marble counters.

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