December 6, 2010


In honor of Dave Brubeck turning 90 today, here is "Audrey," the opening track to the 1955 album Brubeck Time. Brubeck had this to say about the song and the song's co-writer, Paul Desmond:

" was Audrey Hepburn that we had in mind, and we never realized that she ever had heard this tune. There was no communication like that. And because she was so important at the United Nations for the work she did with children, when they did a memorial service for her there, her husband asked that they play what you just played.

And they said that she usually played it every night or put it on her headphones as she walked through her garden in Switzerland. So it was wonderful to hear that. I wish Paul Desmond had been around to know that she listened to it and liked it."

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