December 8, 2010

Main square at dawn

dón antonio gil y' barbo
This is Dón Antonio Gil y' Barbo, known of as being "the father of Nacogdoches." The statue is located near the spot where y' Barbo's home, the Stone House/Stone Fort, once stood. I could easily imagine him really standing there on his front porch, as he might have many times on similar, cold early mornings, master of all he surveyed.

downtown nac at christmas
That's the Aikman-Needham Building (c. 1918) in the background.

needham building at christmas
downtown nac at christmas
downtown nac at christmas
downtown nac at christmas
looking west down main street
This and the next are the view down Main Street.

looking east down main street
y'barbo statue with needham bldg. in background


Anonymous said...

beautiful pics. almost worth getting up at dawn=)

donoho said...

I would and have gotten up early to roam th streets of this lovely town of my youth and 5 generations before me. Just wish I didn't live so far away so I could bask in the lovely lights and awesome decorations so lovingly placed by such caring people!!!

Chris said...

Thanks. It is no sacrifice for me, as I'm rarely disappointed by the photographic results. Downtown Nac is extremely photogenic, especially in the morning, particularly at Christmas!