August 27, 2010

The best of The Pink Panther soundtrack

My parents had this album, the soundtrack to the original, 1963 The Pink Panther film (with all due respect to Steve Martin, the Peter Sellers/Blake Edwards/Henry Mancini Pink Panther was a film, Martin's, simply a movie). I have very clear memories of listening to it up in my room on a small, children's phonograph when I was eight or nine years old. On some of the songs, when I listen to them today, I can still hear the crackling of the needle on the record. I just love this stuff now. It immediately transports me to another time - Camelot, if you will. My favorites are "It Had Better Be Tonight" (particularly the instrumental version), "Champagne and Quail" (so lounge - I love it!), and "Royal Blue." Man, that's a beautiful song (so melancholy and sad). Definitely a "desert island" song for me. Thank you, thank you, Henry Mancini.


Robert M. Lindsey said...

I've heard Dean Martin sing It Had Better Be Tonight.

I love Mancini. So much iconic music from one man.

Chris said...

I too love Mancini! I've never heard Dino's version of "It Had Better Be Tonight." Thanks for telling me about it.

Leigh said...

I too love Mancini. Mother didn't have this one, but she did have "Hatari". The two soundtracks have much in common in mood.

I've been MIA for a while so this may be old news, but I love this player!

Chris said...

Yes, Leigh, you made me aware of the Hatari soundtrack. I've been looking for it ever since! I love "Night Side."