August 25, 2010

Music of The Civil War

Just a cheery little post for your humpday! Enjoy, oh mighty Googlebot. :)

From The Civil War, Episode Four: "Simply Murder," as narrated by historian David McCullough:

Troops sang in camp and on the way to battle. Confederates favored "Dixie" and "The Bonnie Blue Flag." Union soldiers still preferred an old Methodist tune. Mostly they liked sentimental songs - "Just Before the Battle, Mother," "The Vacant Chair," "All Quiet Along the Potomac," and "Home Sweet Home." In many camps, the men were forbidden to play a song called "Weeping, Sad and Lonely," officers considering it destructive of morale. Both sides loved "Lorena."

"Just Before the Battle, Mother"

"The Vacant Chair"

"All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight"

"Home, Sweet Home"

"Weeping, Sad and Lonely" (a.k.a.. "When This Cruel War Is Over")


During the opening moments of The Civil War, Ken Burns shows this image of the soldier, followed immediately thereafter by the shot of a dead solider, who I assume are one in the same (or perhaps the point is, they could be).

...And then, there is "Ashokan Farewell," the only music used in the series which isn't an authentic, 19th century composition. This one moves me to tears every single, damn time I hear it (like Pavlov's dog):


Anonymous said...

Top photo is of Edwin Jemison--a distant relative. jemison

Susanna said...

How so? Do you have any new information on him? And where do you live now?