October 23, 2008

Sinatra takes a pie in the face

As hard as it is to believe today, the Friday night version of the Soupy Sales Show was wildly successful. I guess when you had the choice of three or four channels, people weren't too picky (or drunk). The show received more fan mail than all of ABC's network shows combined. It was also the first show in history to beat the long-running Rawhide in the ratings race. His thing was pie-throwing (with accompanying "thwak!"), he and cast apparently landing some 19,000 of them. Dozens of stars are said to have "begged" to be on the receiving end. And so it was Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. (with Trini Lopez) found themselves on an episode (I'd say around '65):

On a related note, at about 6:33 in this video, Frank can be overheard discussing the "logistics" of pie throwing at Jilly's. Soupy Sales is one of the celebs seated around the table:


Michael Suzich said...

"Is there any soup on the menu?"
"Yeah, but we wiped it off."

Thanks so much for posting this clip, Chris. This was my first time viewing it, and it's priceless. Somewhere I have a VHS with Frank Jr. on the Soupy Show. I imagine that Trini was hangin' with Frank and the boys during this time, as he had a big number in Marriage on the Rocks. I agree, it feels like '65.

Chris said...

I'd forgotten about his appearance in Marriage on the Rocks. What a memory you have, Michael.

Those must have been heady times for Trini!