October 9, 2008

"Bang! Bang!"

Texas - where the cheerleaders carry assault rifles!

In honor of the "simple, innocent satire," as it was described by the principal of the Nacogdoches High School (I'm calling it "the Columbine Pep Rally"), performed at a football pep rally last month, here is a similarly subtle tribute to firearms, this one from Robin and the 7 Hoods. I give you Sammy Davis Jr. doing "Bang! Bang!":

Hello, Michael Suzich!


Michael Suzich said...

"Man, I get such a boot
When I hear rooty-toot-toot!"

Absolutely classic, Chris! Seeing Sammy perform always puts a smile on my face...tapin', shootin', dancin' AND singin'.

Now, the only thing scarier than gun-totin' Texas cheerleaders is confrontin' a Texas cheerleader Mom in the check-out line at ________ (insert your favorite grocery store here)! :)

Leigh said...

Good God. Only in East Texas could a principal call such an obscenity an "innocent satire."

We've thought of coming home from Austin for good, but the twin 14-year-olds don't need to be exposed to this kind of filth. Besides, Girl Twin is kind of militant and doesn't suffer fools gladly, and she'd no doubt get thrown out of school for organizing a sit-down protest or some such.

We'll eventually end up back in Nacogdoches, but we're going to try to hang on in Austin until the twins graduate from high school.

Chris said...

Michael, I think Wal-Mart would be the most likely thing to fill that blank!

Leigh, the impulse is definitely to overreact to that, but all you have to do is to recall Columbine, and that puts it all in perspective once again.

Leigh said...

That reminds me, I need to review the Large East Texas Family tree to see who we've currently got at Nac High. We've had two large bunches graduate last year and the year before, but I can think of at least 1 niece (actually a first cousin once removed, but we don't bother with genealogical niceties) who's there now. Fortunately she's an athlete, not a cheerleader. I'll have to find out what she thought about all the kerfluffle.