October 4, 2008

Recently, in Crockett

sunshine on the ritz
Ritz Theater

shivers buidling in crockett
first methodist church
First Methodist Church, built in 1901, 1902 with bricks fired on site

downes-aldrich house
eastlake victorian details
downes-aldrich house detail (baby in window)
The Downes-Aldrich House, c. 1891-1893, built on a plan designed by George F. Barber, Eastlake Victorian style

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    Leigh said...

    I'm a frequent visit to Crockett. Our middle daughter lives there in the "suburbs" out toward Grapeland.

    I visit that beautiful house almost every time I go through town, detouring a couple of blocks from my commuting route. There are many gorgeous Victorian-era houses in Crockett, plus some charming bungalows, including one that has been recently restored (and which is now for sale) on Hwy 7 about three blocks from downtown.

    Chris said...

    I felt a little silly featuring just the Aldrich home, because as you say, there are so many nice Victorians in Crockett. The drive in on Hwy. 21 is lined with near-palatial mansions. The drive in on 7 is also beautiful. Crockett must have had several millionaires per capita at one time.