January 29, 2010

"Why Try to Change Me Now"

Sinatra with Ava Gardner in 1952

"Why Try to Change Me Now" was composed by Cy Coleman (the music) and Joseph Allan McCarthy (the words) for Frank Sinatra. Sinatra recorded it on September 17, 1952. It was arranged by Percy Faith. More from Sinatra 101: The 101 Best Recordings and the Stories Behind Them:

Sinatra's last recording for Columbia Records--and appropriate in the context of his life. Gone was the innocent, naive singer of the previous decade. Burned by love, the singer is able to convey the darkness, the sadness, and the cynicism that would characterize much of his work in the years to come. (p. 35)

Sinatra would re-record it while under contract with Capitol Records for the No One Cares album in 1959.

Cy Coleman

Here is Cy Coleman's utterly charming, 1957 performance of "Why Try to Change Me Now," from something called "Art Ford's Greenwich Village Party," which appeared to be somewhat like a precursor to the Playboy After Dark TV program of the late '60s. Coleman, by the way, also wrote "Witchcraft" for Sinatra:


Anonymous said...

There's actually an Ava Gardner museum just down the road from here in Smithfield NC. It has tons of material from here days with Frank and is well worth the trip if you're ever in the area.
She was one hot tomato!
Have a great weekend.

Chris said...

Hey Ed,

Thanks for the heads up. I think she's from North Carolina, and I've heard of that museum. I hope to go through it someday. I can definitely understand the pain Sinatra felt after it was clear they weren't compatible! And you know if she looks hot now, she must have been quite a "dish" back in those days.

Timinator2K7 said...

Couple of interesting Sinatra items...