January 26, 2010

Psychedelic Prince

Ha ha, Prince was so "elusive" Rolling Stone had to settle for a still from the "Raspberry Beret" video on this September 1985 cover.

Ahh, this is a great, live medley of two of my fave Prince tunes, "Around the World in a Day" and "Christopher Tracy's Parade." He is dressed in his Parade gear, so I'm assuming this is during his 1986 tour for that album. Of course "Around the World in a Day" is the opening track to his first, post-Purple Rain album, Around the World in a Day. That album was a clear line drawn in the sand, separating true Prince fans from those who weren't.

I have a crystal clear memory of having a friend over at my house, excitedly ripping open the just released album's cellophane wrapper, putting the needle down on the record, and hearing those first great sounds. My friend had a disapproving sneer on his face, but I loved it. The problem was he just didn't get it. I understood at that moment what it must have been like being a Beatles fan in 1966 and hearing "Strawberry Fields Forever" for the very first time. "Christopher Tracy's Parade" is a similarly psychedelic opening track to his follow up album (the soundtrack to Under the Cherry Moon), Parade. What a logical (and awesome - there's an '80s word for you) pairing!

An excuse to use this Audrina Patridge pic!


Claudia said...

Are you familiar with Kevin Smith's (Clerk's and other films) lecture series-can't remember the name of it right now- that he does on college campuses (cant remember the name right now) every other year. In the first one he has a very long diatriabe on how he was hired by Prince to do a documentary on an album (that never came out). It is hilarious and very telling on how odd Prince is. I had no idea how off the wall this man has become. Kevin Smith is a bit vulgar but he is honest and just tells it like it is about Prince and he is funny. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it. Prince is an odd bird...and this girl is pretty but I have no idea who she is. Funny how no one questions Prince's sexuality since he totally is glammed out and wears the highest heels.

Chris said...

I'm not, but I'd love to see that. Let me know if you remember what it's called. Prince is a very strange fellow, and that was probably part of what I found so appealing about him (other than his being a great songwriter, musician, etc.). During the '80s, people questioned everything about Prince. Don't you remember the song "Controversy"?