August 9, 2011

"P.S. I Love You" (Mad Men moment #4)

I far prefer Frank Sinatra's version of the Gordon Jenkins (notes)/Johnny Mercer (words) classic, as recorded for his relatively obscure (but great) Close to You album. But Bobby Vinton did a really heart-felt, plaintive take on it.

Like most people my age or younger, not really being a Bobby Vinton fan, I first heard his interpretation during the third episode of the first season of Mad Men. And as is usually the case, it was used as the emotional capper at the very end of the show. Boy, Matthew Weiner has fantastic taste in music! I mean, I assume he is the one who makes the decision about which songs to use in each episode. I'm always trying to figure out the hidden meaning behind his selections: "What was he trying to say with this one?" Interesting that Vinton recorded this in 1967, although the episode is set in 1962:

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