August 4, 2011

Abilene, Abilene - prettiest town I've ever seen

Today's history lesson, chitlins, is about Abilene, Texas. Now, first I must admit that every single time I saw the word Abilene, whether it was on a city limits sign or anywhere else, I was compelled forced to loudly belt out George Hamilton IV's 1963 single "Abilene" with a desperate, whimpering cry in my voice. After having been there, I could see why someone would write a song about Abilene, Abilene....

As I pulled in to town:
trailer park neon sign

Third Taylor County Courthouse c. 1914, Classical Revival
third taylor county courthouse
It's so dry and hot here in Texas that as I was walking around on the grass taking pictures of the courthouse, it was crunchy and crackly. A strange sensation.

Durham Tobacco Sign
durham tobacco sign
This early ad downtown was first repainted in 1975. It's obviously been repainted since then.

Abilene Courts c. 1930
abilene courts
abilene courts neon sign
abilene courts

Federal Building c. 1935-36, Art Deco
federal building

Windsor Building c. 1890
windsor building

Hotel Wooten c. 1930, Art Deco
hotel wooten
This was the tallest building between Fort Worth and El Paso back when it was first constructed.

Some pictures in the hotel's windows:
picture in hotel wooten window
picture in hotel wooten windowpicture in hotel wooten window

And a slightly different view (I really liked this building):
another view of the hotel wooten

McKay's Bakery - in business since 1966
mckay's bakery
next door to mckay's bakery
mckay's bakery window display
One of these things is not like the others...

Paramount Theatre c. 1929, Mission Revival/Spanish Moorish
paramount theatre
paramount theater ticket booth and entrance
paramount theatre

Upon leaving town, an unexpected surprise:
the ponca motel
ponca motel neon sign
the ponca motel

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Anonymous said...

Mckays bakery - 1996, not '66. And it's a horrible place.