June 7, 2011

Lounge mix for summer

Let's start with some Mancini, Monica Mancini, doing a very John Barry/James Bond take on her papa's song "Charade" (also the newest song, 2004, featured within this post):

From his 1960 The Enchanted Sea album, this is Martin Denny's version of "Bangles, Baubles and Beads." It's weird, yet beautiful (typical Martin Denny):

Cal Tjader, putting a Pacific spin on a down-home American tune, the Hoagy Carmichael classic, "Stardust," on his 1963 Verve album, Breeze from the East:

"Lugar Bonita (Pretty Place)" from Astrud Gilberto. This was recorded for her Look to the Rainbow album from 1965:

Finally, perhaps too late in the sixties (1968), and therefore too counterculture, to be placed under the "cocktail culture" heading, but time has a way of grouping things together. This song was (in hind-site) clearly concocted by "the man" (corporate rock) and so not actually a product of the counterculture at all.

Bob Crewe (The Bob Crewe Generation)

This has the effect of thereby rendering it essentially something intrinsically rooted in cocktail culture (the music of the establishment, the cultural status quo). I speak of the Bob Crewe Generation's groovy, corporate psychedelia, "Barbarella," from the motion picture of the same name. My favorite part of this, the Herb Alpert-esque, musical magic, begins at around 1:18:

Awesomeness. Guess I'll be in love with Jane Fonda for a few days now.

This corportatized psychedelia featured a group who called themselves The Glitterhouse.

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