June 16, 2011

Burning is tumbling

burning house
Well, looks like my Burning House picture was passed around at tumblr. Much obliged to whoever started it and those who re-tumbled.

This is a picture I consider to be an "old" one. I took it early on when my photography passion began (really restarted; my father was/is an avid photographer, a hobby I picked up from him when I was younger). Hmm. I'm thinking right at this moment that I'm not so much obsessed with the actual process or technology related to the raw act of photography, as I am enraptured by physical remnants of the early 20th century, and capturing those rare things (neon signs, Art Deco structures, Victorian architecture, etc.) photographically. I'm not really a camera techy, and I know barely enough about f/stops and/or aperture to bust myself out of a paper sack. But I digress.......

burning house side view
The Burning House pic was taken five years ago using a dinky little HP PhotoSmart camera. I use a comparatively better, Canon EOS 30D today. Adding to what I now consider to be an ugly photo is the over-treatment I applied to it using the photofinishing software Picasa (I think). Yuck. You can see from the picture above, which has not been "treated" with the Picasa program, what the PhotoSmart was capable of without. I guess the tumbler folks think its "trippy" or something. Anyway, it's been tumbled!! I appreciate.

By the way, explanation of what the heck you are looking at can be found here.

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