September 17, 2010

Toot, toot (continued...sickening, isn't it?)

first presbyterian church
Texas Architect magazine used my picture of the First Presbyterian Church in Galveston, Texas, in its current issue. This is extra special for me, because I was born and raised on the Island, and the "First Prez" was the church of my youth, where I was baptized, went through Communicants Class, and regularly (religiously) attended until I went away to college. The photo was taken nearly a year after Hurricane Ike devastated the church, which is just now beginning to come back to life. The church was constructed between 1873 and 1883 (this means it survived the 1900 Storm) and was designed by Nicholas J. Clayton in the Norman Romanesque style.

texas architect magazine

What with this, and now this, maybe I should start charging? Kidding. And something could possibly come from an email I received just today from a reporter at the local paper, concerning an article they are writing about renovations taking place at Diedrich Rulfs's office/workshop, here in Nacogdoches. This might lead to a review of my book about Diedrich Rulfs appearing in the paper:

We are working on a piece about his office restoration. Would like a comment from you about it and need to know if you ever got any press for your Rulfs book in the Daily Sentinel. Will Godwin.

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