July 15, 2010

In search of Route 66 (the day begins)

sunrise over carrizozo
Although technically not on Route 66, Carrizozo, New Mexico, is where my picture taking journey began, just as the sun was beginning to rise.

sands motel
I was prepared to be satisfied with this sign, as is (turned off), in front of the Sands Motel. But just as I was taking the picture, someone in the office saw me and turned it on(!). This was a great omen for the rest of my Route 66 roadtrip. I felt their goodwill for the rest of the day. And as I walked back to my car and pulled away after giving a couple of thumbs up and a wave, they turned the sign back off again...

sands motel
sunrise over carrizozo
downtown Carrizozo

the lyric theater
The Lyric Theater, information from someone at Cinema Treasures:

The present "Lyric Theatre" was built in 1916 as an opera house. It opened as the "Carrizozo Theatre." In 1918 the name changed to "Crystal Theatre" and began to show silent movies. First silent movie shown was Till I come Back To You. When sound movies came along, it reopened with sound on June 13th, 1931 and re-named "Lyric Theatre." First Sound Film shown was The Last Parade. It remained open until 1979 when it closed due to some rating dispute over The Exorcist. In 1981, the theatre was bought by the person that lives in the theatre. He also owns the three buildings north of the theatre as well.

the lyric theater

There is much, much more to come! Let's just say I found nearly every single thing (over 35 sites) I was looking for (and lots of awesome things I hadn't planned on) along the legendary "Mother Road."

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