June 24, 2009

The I Love Lucy theme


Desi Arnaz serenades Lucille Ball with the theme to I Love Lucy (by Harold Adamson and Eliot Daniel) on the season two, May 11, 1953, episode, "Lucy's Last Birthday":

The familiar theme (without lyrics):

And once again with lyrics, this time as a studio track:


Amy said...

This is my favorite show of all time....my last daughter is named Lucy as a hat tip to Lucille Ball. I think they're a fascinating couple who truly and madly loved each other (even through all their turbulence and divorce) - just look at Ricky/Desi sing I Love Lucy to Lucy!

I've never heard that studio track version before and can't really say that I like it. Maybe it's the standard fifties chorus that seems out of place with Desi's voice.

Chris said...

I wouldn't say it's my favorite show of all time, but there is something kind of wonderful about that scene. I like it because it is so completely of the 1950s.

Krista said...

Putting aside my ardent love and lifelong fan status, I think this is the best TV theme song ever. Every other one comes after it.

Oh, you just KNEW I would have to put in my two cents. :)

Chris said...

I guess it is iconic, Krista. It was one of the first sitcoms as we know them today, that's for certain.