November 14, 2007


Cameron, Texas (population: 5,634), is Milam County Seat and 17 miles N of Rockdale, 71 miles NE of Austin, and 32 miles SE of Temple. I drove there last Saturday. Here are the pictures I took. You're welcome.

All Saints Episcopal Church, c. 1907

Milam County Courthouse, c. 1892, Renaissance Revival

The Statue of Justice

Ben Milam, for whom the county was named, is one of Texas' legendary heroes, losing his life in San Antonio early in Texas' battle for independence.

Former Milam County Jail (now the Milam County Historical Museum) and a pioneer cabin
c. 1895, Romanesque Revival


Lisa said...

Wow. Those murals are pretty awesome, aren't they?

Chris said...

Yes, they are. The one I'm using as a template header now is supposed to be one of the longest murals in the state. It is awesome.