November 25, 2007

Steve Martin has big chutzpahs

In a CBS Sunday Morning interview with a mustachioed Steve Martin, it was revealed that he is currently filming a sequel to The Pink Panther (2006), currently titled simply, Pink Panther 2. Based on its February 2009 release date and plot involving a globe-trotting ancient antiquities thief, I imagine it'll be packed to the brim with CGI effects. I grew up on a steady diet (books, records, radio, movies, TV, etc.) of Steve Martin, so I like him a lot, and I really wanted to like his remake of the Peter Sellers and Blake Edwards creation. But except for a few moments and one or two sequences, Martin's The Pink Panther just wasn't very good, to put it mildly. I admire the fact that he's comfortable and confident enough to try again. Or is it simply a case of ego and/or greed?

Cigarette break in the '70s

Speaking of growing up with Steve Martin, he was on CBS Sunday Morning to promote the release of an autobiographical book, Born Standing Up. He embraces his early career during the mid to late '70s.

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