November 2, 2007

Amazing Journey on vh1

I suppose vh1 realized they needed to show other "movies that rock" than just Showgirls (I would really like to know what their definition of "to rock" is exactly), because they are airing the just released (November 6 on DVD) documentary about The Who, Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who, Saturday night at 8:00, CST. While it couldn't possibly be as great, or thorough, as The Kids Are Alright, it's supposedly pretty good. The opinion of a reviewer at Rolling Stone is that it's "Excellent" (three and a half stars), for whatever that's worth.

"Substitute" at Monterey Pop in 1967


Frank Jump said...

A vague haze of delirium creeps up on me.
All at once a tall stranger
I suddenly see.
He's dressed in a silver sparked
Glittering gown
And His golden beard flows
Nearly down to the ground.

Pete Townsend

Chris said...

Nobody makes albums like Tommy anymore!