November 4, 2005

Movies that shouldn't have been released, but were...wait, were they?

Were these two movies ever released???

I could've sworn I saw a coming attraction for this on television. It appeared to be a film about angry restaurant employees spitting in their customers' food. Perhaps the restaurant industry/lobby somehow had it quietly removed from the small number of theaters into which it was unleashed.

I saw coming attractions for this one in the theaters, so I'm sure it exists. It must be horrible, because it appears to have vanished from the face of the earth. Has Matthew McConaughey ever been in a "good" movie (other than Dazed and Confused)? I can forgive Pacino for Bobby Deerfield (1977), Cruising (1980), Author! Author! (1982), Revolution (1985), Heat (1995), The Devil's Advocate (1997), and (yikes! He was in Gigli???) Gigli (2003) because of


Keith said...

LOL. Good post! I totally agree on both films.

As far as McConaughey and "good" movies, I don't think there are many, but did you see FRAILTY? Didn't blow me away like it did most of the rest of the world at the time, but it was a pretty good movie. He was in CONTACT, too, which I hear is supposed to be good. And Oh!, he was also in THE WEDDING PLANNER, man, which rocks.

Just kidding. Heh.

As for Pacino, I'll forgive him for all his past transgressions because of DOG DAY AFTERNOON and SERPICO. Oh!, and FRANKIE AND JOHNNY!

And again, I keed. Hehe.

Chris said...

Serpico is all right. It's extremely dated. At the time, it must have seemed very hip and cool.

I forgot about Dog Day Afternoon. It's a sort of classic. As you know, it was a reunion of sort for Pacino and John Cazale, the guy who played Fredo in The Godfather.

Keith said...

Yep! Which is a pretty cool thing,too. But I just think Pacino is flat-out brilliant in it. Brilliant! I mean, that's acting if you ask me.

SERPICO goes back to my very early teen years. Just always dug it--again, especially watching the acting job Pacino turns in. That's the main draw for me. And I just dig those over-the-top '70s cop movies, man!

Oh, you know, I remember thinking he was really good in DONNIE BRASCO, too (as was Depp).