November 10, 2005

Bass ackwards

Other than to be different, just for the sake of being different, or to try and irritate "traditionalists" like myself, what's the point of this?:

"Upside-down Christmas trees gain popularity"

Folks, this is just plain stupid. Am I right? When did it start?

This one'll cost you $600:

Retailers are selling out(!), apparently, according to this story broadcast on NPR, Wednesday.

Some people may just use them for general decoration, while using a "normal" tree as the main one. Still, I don't think I'd ever get used to seeing it. I would always be reminded of:

It's a Communist plot.


Keith said...

LOL. C'mon now! Ridiculous. No, you're right, Chris, this is just plain stupid. :D

I'm a hardcore traditionalist, too, and that aside, a tree like this is honestly just pointless--maybe other than for a gag or something. Like I could see someone setting one up for a Xmas party, maybe, for some drunken laughs, but not as their real, main Xmas tree.

Thanks for the laugh!

Chris said...

I keep checking to make sure it's not April 1!