November 4, 2009

Ben Milam

The granddaughter of Ben Milam recently emailed me some scans of newspaper clippings and black and white photographs associated with her grandfather's architectural career. She granted me permission to post them. Milam was an architect of some acclaim who resided on Galveston Island. His period was the 1930s through early '50s, his most prevalent style appearing to have been Art Deco or Streamline Moderne.

 ben milam
Stephen F Austin Jr High school in Galveston designed by Ben Milam
Stephen F. Austin Junior High School, c.1939

Newspaper article on Stephen F Austin school
A 1939 Houston Post article about the school

Orginal Hill's Rest. designed by Ben Milam
The Original Hill's Restaurant, c. 1940

I ate there a few times as a kid during the '70s. It is no longer there, I believe. Demolished by man, it once sat on Seawall Blvd.

Coca Cola factory in Galveston
I'd never realized this building was originally the Coca-Cola factory in Galveston. By my time, '70s/'80s, it was a series of restaurants, usually Mexican food.

"Four Apartment Building" plans

S.S Galveston
The S.S. Galveston/U.S.S. Galveston/Mayflower Hotel

S.S. Galveston designed by Ben Milam
Drove or rode by this place many times. Such a shame it was demolished (2006)! It had become sort of seedy by my time ('70s, '80s). It was also up on the Seawall.

Cotton Exchange designed by Ben Milam
Galveston Cotton Exchange, c. 1940

And a couple pictures of mine, of the 1950 circa, Pennington Buick Co.:
pennington buick
pennington buick detail

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I'm wondering how big is this building I'm doing a reaport on this specific factory(the coca-cola)