January 21, 2009


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Wikipedia entry:

"Wonderland" is a single by XTC released in June 1983, written by Colin Moulding and taken from the album Mummer.

Although they had shifted in a more acoustic direction on their previous album English Settlement, it was with "Wonderland" that their sound could first be described as pastoral, which became their hallmark for the next several years.

This is one of the few songs from the Mummer sessions to feature drummer Terry Chambers prior to his sudden departure from XTC.

Leader Andy Partridge has subsequently described "Wonderland" as one of Moulding's "most beautiful melodies."

And amen to that. This is one of those XTC songs that early on established Moulding as an occasional McCartney to Andy Partridge's Lennon:


gilligan said...

1) I loved MTV back in the day. However,watching these old videos, I can't help but think the music wasn't exactly helped by them... it was promotional, but oh so terribly lame viewed with a 2009 lens.

2) I wore out my Skylarking cassette back in 1987 - loved their music. I do wish they had branched out a bit more... these quintessential Anglo tunes only hold my interest so long. In other words, "Summer's Cauldron" is great, but give me a "Helter Skelter" or "Lady Madonna" once and a while!

Chris said...

I thought the same thing - "Wow, this video sucks." I guess we were easier to entertain twenty-five (gasp) years ago. I include it for the song, which I really like.

I too love Skylarking. That is their Sgt. Pepper's. You might listen to Rag & Bone Buffet (if you haven't already). That's their unreleased and B-sides.

Gunnar and Sherry said...

XTC is a great band. I always liked Colin's songs a lot, maybe because there were fewer of them and they seemed like rarer treats, like George's songs on the Beatle albums. Are you familiar with a band called Pugwash from Ireland? They're fantastic and definitely in the mold of XTC. Andy Partridge cowrote a few tunes with their main guy Thomas Walsh. They're available on I-Tunes. Check them out!

Chris said...

That's a great analogy - Colin's songs being like the gems George would bring out on Beatles' records (especially towards the end of XTC's recording career).

I may have heard of Pugwash...I'm pretty sure I've never heard any of their stuff. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check 'em out.

tony said...

XTC Such A Fine Band!

Chris said...

Definitely - great songwriters, excellent musicians!