January 8, 2009

"Knives Out"

From Wikipedia:

"Knives Out" is a song by English alternative rock band Radiohead. The composition features electric and acoustic guitars, complemented by singer Thom Yorke's vocals. It appears on Radiohead's 2001 album Amnesiac, recorded during the same sessions as the previous album Kid A. It was also released as the second Amnesiac single, receiving more radio airplay than the band's other songs of the period. The song reached #13 on the UK singles chart.

The song was developed during the 18-month Kid A and Amnesiac sessions, and it is legendary for having taken 373 days to record. According to Yorke, "We just lost our nerve. It was so straight-ahead. We thought, 'We've gotta put that in the bin, it's too straight.' We couldn't possibly do anything that straight until we'd gone and been completely arse about face with everything else, in order to feel good about doing something straight like that. It took 373 days to be arse-about-face enough to realise it was alright the way it was."

I just love the delicious melancholia (as with so many of Radiohead's songs) of this:

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