December 10, 2007

What if the Beach Boys had done a James Bond title song?

I'll never listen to the the title track of Pet Sounds quite the same way, ever again. It turns out that Brian Wilson had originally titled the song ("Pet Sounds") "Run James Run" and had intended for it to be used as a James Bond film title track. Pet Sounds was released in 1966, so the next possible Bond flick would have been You Only Live Twice, released in 1967. If this is true, there must have been lyrics, but I've never seen them. It's nowhere near as cool as the actual, Nancy Sinatra sung title track, but it's interesting to think how different the opening credits sequence would have been. I can definitely imagine "Pet Sounds" being used, especially after seeing this. All the dramatic guitar chords make a lot more sense now:


dave van hulsteyn said...

I just ran the video with "Let's Go Away For a While". Though it probably wouldn't have been an esp. good James Bond theme song, I liked how it looked with the video. The Martin Denny/Arthur Lyman-ish arrangement looked cool with the Hawaiian volcano footage. I also tried it with "Diamond Head", which I didn't like as much. Maybe "Gettin' Hungry", or "Johnny Carson", from "Love You", would work.

Chris said...

My guess would be that "Let's Go Away for a While" is a bit too slow, and mellow, to have been used as a Bond title tune. Also, although seemingly melodic (it's a beautiful recording), I challenge you to try and whistle or hum "Let's Go Away for a While." It can't be done!

Wow, you're really delving into later Beach Boys with those others!