December 30, 2007

Return to the City of Stars

Kilgore - the City of Stars. It's so easy to imagine what the East Texas oil boom was like when walking its wide, downtown streets. A final, last holiday weekend of the Holiday Season post, in Kilgore no less (taken Friday, December 28, as the sun was beginning to go down):

sun going down on crim theater facade
Crim Theater

texan theater ready for sunset
Texan Theater

sun setting on longhorn drugs
crim theater ticket booth

The neon came on about 5:15:

crim theater at sunset
the crim theater neon sign
kilgore's crim theater at sunset
texan theater sunset
kilgore at dusk
kilgore derricks at christmas
theaters at sunset


Kenna said...

I'm in Waco, I came across your site via Four Four, I'm hooked. thanks!

Chris said...

Hi kenna. I'm so glad you are hooked. So, now I start charging. That's the procedure, right?

Waco - it's on my list to visit! I'll make it there, eventually.

Kenna said...

ok, last night while cooking dinner, listening to music, Wichita Lineman (one of my favs.) came on and I thought of these shots.

Chris said...

Oh, cool! That is a great song. I assume the Glen Campbell version. I can understand the connection you made. Kilgore is evocative of so much.

Kenna said...

Yes, Glen Campbell! It has such a lonely, yearning feel to it, just like these pictures.