October 5, 2010

Grit in Granger

In honor of the full length trailer to True Grit being released, let me repost this little tour of Granger, Texas, where scenes for the film were shot. For example:

Granger, Texas (population: 1,299), is 16 miles NE of Georgetown, 44 miles NE of Austin via I-35, and 7 miles N of Taylor (small town post to come) on Hwy 95. According to TexasEscapes.com, Granger is the hometown of Patches O'Houlihan.
See a slideshow.

Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum ghost sign

Wrigley pwned Granger - this old ghost for Spearmint

Ever hear of Anderbock? Me neither.

SPJST Building, c. 1909 (former Martinets Store)

red brick streets of Granger


The Pine Blogger said...

Granger is the first town you've shot that I have absolutely NO idea where it is located. I probably couldn't get within 100 miles of it by pointing to a map without your georeference on here.

Do you happen to know if Patches is buried here or in Las Vegas? I'd like to go and pay tribute to the man and the terror his sport caused me in 7th grade.

Chris said...

It is very small. I was actually going to Bartlett (a future post) when I drove through and saw Granger had some interesting things.

As far as the late, great Patches' burial spot, I'm not sure; I do know if you can dodge a car, you can dodge a ball. That's sound advice.

Chasrich said...

My dad grew up in Bartlett, only 5 mi. from Granger. I believe my great-grandparents, whom I didn't know, lived in Granger. We have had family reunions in Bartlett in the past. I'm only about 40 miles from there in Austin.

Chris said...

chasrich-Those are nice little towns. I liked Granger, a lot. I could see how it was a vibrant little place back when railroad was king. Bartlet was a little smaller and seemed to be in worse condition, but still nice. It'll be a post in the next week or so.