July 22, 2011

Queen Victoria

john j. welder home carriage stone and gate post
John J. Welder Home carriage stone and gate post

john j. welder home headstone

a former Texaco
victoria texaco

Burrough-Daniel House c. 1892, Victorian
burrough-daniel house

John H. Clegg House c. 1900, Victorian
john h. clegg housejohn h. clegg house

another Victorian (I couldn't identify)
victorian in victoria

a faded ad facing railroad tracks through town
ghost in victoria (on back of building facing railroad tracks)

Jordan-Koch House c. 1885, Victorian
jordan-koch house

Gramann House c. 1885, Italianate (Victorian)
gramann house

Old Victoria Courthouse c. 1892, Romanesque Revival
old victoria courthouse

champion spark plugs ghost

Mitchell House(?)
the mitchell house
I think this may have been moved from its original location, but I could be wrong about that. No house is listed at the Texas Historical Commission Atlas at this address. There is also no record of a "Mitchell House" (that I've been able to find).

conti's neon sign

Fossati Delicatessen c. 1895 (this structure at this location); one of the oldest commercial structures in Victoria
fossati delicatessen

Mrs. J.V. Murphy House c. 1900, Victorian
mrs. j.v. murphy house

Victoria Theatre
victoria theatre
victoria theatre ticket booth and entrance

Webert-Schuchert c. 1898, Victorian
weber-schuchert house

Sigmund House c. 1902, Victorian
sigmund house

the corral
the corral neon sign

Check this out:

(from fellow traveler Debra Jane Seltzer)

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