July 14, 2011

Grand Dame Edna

edna theatre marquee
Right on Main Street in Edna, Texas, the 1950 Edna Theatre:

From this site:

"The Edna Theatre, built in 1950, sat vacant since 1978. In 2008 – thirty years after it closed – the marquee and tower were re-lit and now shine brightly in downtown Edna, Texas. Now for the next step – full restoration!

Restoration of the theatre will provide: A 1,000 seat venue for local and regional events, A cinema once more where movie goers can enjoy classic movies on an occasional movie night, A place where the community can come together for entertainment, cultural events & community activities, A place where future generations can experience a glimpse of the past."

edna theatre
edna theatre detail
edna theatre entrance
edna theatre
edna theatre

The re-lighting ceremony, held in June 2008 (the camera stabilizes after about 20 seconds in):

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