July 2, 2008

You only post twice

I already did a fascinating post about the title track to the You Only Live Twice (1967) soundtrack, which of course was sung by Nancy (with the laughing face) Sinatra. But I wanted to focus on the Natacha Atlas version, because I really like it, so sod it. This was "relegated" to obscurity (much like this blog) by being used as the B-side to a single the Jersulem-born, Belgian singer released in 1999 called "One Brief Moment". I like how faithful to, yet so different from, the Nancy Sinatra version this is:


Blognor Regis said...

Are you sure you're an American?

Are you being served soundtrack. Self-deprecating humour. "Sod it". I detect a large dollop of Brit within you! ;-)

Chris said...


Oh sure, I'm a Yank, but I do love British culture. I'm a definite Anglophile. Must be my Scotch-Irish blood. I really didn't want to use "fuck it" in a post, but I still wanted to express that sentiment -- therefore, "sod it." Just as good!