July 4, 2008

Good stuff in Grand Saline

I drove to Grand Saline on Monday, and here are some things I found there:

closed rexall drugs in grand saline
rexall neon sign in grand saline
firestone neon sign
coca-cola ghost in grand saline
grand saline "bull" durham ghost

I pulled over to get pictures of this abandoned gas station in Silver Lake on the way to, and as I left, Grand Saline. It looks like something one might find along Old Route 66:
abandoned service station in silver lake
side view of silver lake service station
old gas station next to highway 80


gilligan said...

Looking at these sort-of fossilized towns always leaves me slightly depressed. It sounds cliche, but they had character. Now, every U.S. town is becoming virtually identical a la Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Ruby Tuesday, Home Depot, etc., etc., etc.,... (sigh)

Chris said...

You're preaching to the choir! It's true, those very same businesses have sort of made everything generic and characterless. Progress?

Crritic! said...

Being a foreigner, I only know these places from American pop-culture. The last evocation of this lost world I can remember was Pixar's "Cars". It's amazing to think how recently these places were living centers of community.

(Note: US spelling of "centers" - I'm learning).

Chris said...

I love Cars for that very reason. Only in a Pixar-animated film can we see that "lost world."

Centres, centers -- it's all good;)