May 15, 2007

One reason to turn on the TV in 2007

The Office cast at the 2006(?) Golden Globes

NBC is renewing The Office for a fourth season. This will inevitably be the season where it jumps the shark (if it hasn't already), but the thirty(!) new episodes should really allow for character development, since the basic BBC story line is long played out. Whatever. I love it! Huzzah!!

And, oh yeah, they are also doing a new Bionic Woman, because you know how the world has been clamoring for just such a thing.

Michelle Ryan IS the new Jamie Sommers


The Pine Blogger said...

This is good news! Hmmm 30? I think that could spell the end. They'll all be tired, each having more and more big screen opportunities.

Chris said...

Yep, thirty is a lot. There's no way they can sustain the quality over that many, but we'll see!