September 13, 2005

Goodbye AstroWorld, I will miss you!

For anyone who grew up in the Galveston/Houston, Texas, area, this is probably sad news:

"For AstroWorld, the ride is over"

That's right, after 37 years,
AstroWorld plans to close on October 30, the last day of their annual "Fright Fest". I'm sort of in shock about this, although the news of a potential sale has been out for at least a month. The problem is the value of the land has gone up, while at the same time, attendance is down. Six Flags, who has owned the park since 1975, is more than $2 billion in debt. It has been a local icon as long as I can remember. I grew up going to this place, the last time being just two years ago. It will most likely be leveled to make room for housing or office space. My heart breaks. As an adult, I understand the great irony of life--the one thing that never changes is the presence of change. But, oh, how it hurts! The child in me weeps (the adult can't keep a dry eye).

This is a sweet article about all the memories people created while there:

"From free falls to first dates, park delivered plenty of thrills"

Can it really be? Goodbye(?) to:
The Texas Cyclone
Greezed Lightnin'
Antique Taxis (lots of childhood memories!)

I can't believe it will all soon be gone.

Do you remember:

Horizons Theater?
Modville (too groovy to last!)?

And the one I've missed the most of all since they took it out years ago:
Alpine Sleigh Ride
The Alpine Sleigh ride was especially great on those hot, Texas summer days. AstroWorld has never been the same without it and the Alpine Village.

Maybe whoever purchases the property will maintain the park and keep it open. But, that's doubtful. The adult me knows too well that the world works because it's about making money, not preserving the precious past. So it goes.

Several of the pics featured in this post came from this really great website. It has suddenly gained much more value.

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Cherokee Rose said...

It is now the year 2017 and I still remember very fondly Astroworld . It broke my heart as well when I found out it would be no more . Like you my fondest memory was the Alpine slide a ride . AstroWorld is gone now , but it will forever live on in the memories in our heart.