September 30, 2005

Austin Powers is Keith Moon

This should be interesting! From last night's (Thursday) Variety update:

"Myers lands on Moon"


looks more like "Moon the Loon", but I have no doubts that
will do it right.


zdorama said...

I hope that they will do it right, but the thing I’m most uncomfortable with is the amount of over-exposure my beloved WHO is already getting.

First CSI used “Who Are You”…
Then Hummer used “Happy Jack”…
Then Valtrex used The “Overture” from Tommy…
Then CSI Miami used “Baba O’Riley”…
Then Nissan used “Bargain”…
Then CSI New York used “Won’t get Fooled Again”…
Jc Penny’s used “Let My Love Open the Door (OK,its not officially WHO)
There are lots more I’m forgetting

I’m uncomfortable ‘cause for over 25 years, THE WHO has been one of my all time favorite groups, and now people who don’t know ANYTHING about cool music are saying “GOD, I am SICK of Hearing THE WHO all the time! They are ALL OVER the place!” I wince, because, what can I say? They ARE over-exposed.

It kills me to be balst ing WHO’S NEXT at work, and then have one girl say to another girl (upon hearing Baba O’Riley) “Oh, do you watch this show?”
ARGH! This is BABA O’RILEY, the ultimate “Teenage Wasteland” epic, and it now equals CSI.

When this Mike Myers movie is done, I hope it is more LA BAMBA and less THE DOORS. Just My Opinion!

Chris said...

I know, it's sad to see someone like Townshend, who appeared to have such integrity for so long (as far as not selling out).

But, the money must be very tempting, and it is, after all, his way of making a living.

Hell, McCartney has really gone over to the other side with the Prudential (I think) ad campaign.

I agree, if the Keith Moon movie is like The Buddy Holly Story, or The Doors (the perfect rock movie bio?) and not Great Balls of Fire or La Bamba, it stands a chance of being good.