May 10, 2008

Ghosts of Shreveport

I took just a small bite of Shreveport, Louisiana.....I intend to go back. There will be a second post featuring some of the old, vintage buildings and neon signs (I barely scratched the surface) I found there.

green back ghost sign
pampliset ghost in shreveport
"Cream of Kentucky Blended Whiskey"

goods-cage drug co. ghost sign
wholesale druggists detail
planters seed co. ghost sign
planters seed company ghost in shreveport
"uneeda biscuit building"
uneeda biscuit ghost sign in shreveport
full view of m.l. bath company ghost sign in shreveport


Anonymous said...

On your next visit to Shreveport, go by the municipal auditorium.
The place has a rich musical heritage and was home of the Lousiana Hayride for over a decade. I was always envious of my father having been to a number of the shows. It's a do not miss next time your in NW LA.
Hope all is well.

Chris said...

Thanks for the advice, Ed. I absolutely intend to go back to Shreveport. I'll check it out!